Liquid MPG Fuel Additive

LIQUID MPG™ combustion enhancing fuel additive is scientifically formulated for ALL gasoline and diesel engines. It is proven in on-road and dynamometer tests to dramatically improve fuel economy. Depending on driving conditions, age and maintenance of your vehicle, actual road tests have demonstrated up to 25% increase in fuel economy.

Faster combustion yields more horsepower and increased fuel economy . The patented chemistry of LIQUID MPG boosts your engine performance by rapidly dispersing the fuel spray to improve air/fuel mixing. The result is a shorter, higher BMEP combustion event.

  • Enhances combustion
  • Increases fuel Economy
  • Cleans fuel injectors and fuel systems
  • Lubricates fuel injectors and pump
  • Restores power and performance

Clean cylinder head and piston top on a 750,000 mile Cummins ISM engine after 6 months operating on LIQUID MPG